Maximizing children’s
potential through “PLAY”.


FENIX children are curious, communicative, capable, confident, and respected.
We strive for our students to be competent global citizens.


  • Inspiring curiosity

    Children are naturally curious and want to explore. It allows them to continually grow, learn and question what is around them. Expanding their vocabulary as they use language to describe what they’re thinking, seeing, hearing, or experiencing. A child’s natural curiosity forms the foundation to be successful adults by developing a sense of creativity and imagination.

  • Promote and encourage individuality

    All children are unique with their own characteristics, interests, strengths and weaknesses.
    We respect and encourage their individuality throughout their learning to help create a strong sense of personal identity.

  • Bilingual

    Early language immersion improves overall academic achievement by enhancing your child’s brain development, memory and cognitive learning.
    Bilingualism promotes awareness, appreciation and acceptance of other peoples and cultures and increases social development such as communication and listening skills ensuring students are better prepared to fully function in a globalized society.


Early Childhood Education curriculum following
the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from Australia

What is Play Based Learning?

At FENIX International, we believe that children learn and develop most effectively through their play and social interactions.

Play is a means for exploration of the world for a child. Children use play to make meaning and connections. A play-based learning approach means your child will learn and develop an array of skills at their own pace and through their own interests.
From finger painting to creating unique shapes using building blocks, we work with your child’s inquisitive nature and desire to have fun.
These activities are designed to nurture curiosity and are a crucial part in developing social skills, motor skills and setting the foundations for their language and numeracy education.
Therefore, our curriculum is based off play-based learning and interest-based learning and follows the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework).

  • Arts&Crafts
  • Science experiment class
  • Music・Dance
  • Plants Lifecycle project
  • Toy
  • Programming
  • Play
  • Food Education

Teacher Rotation System

Teacher Rotation System

Fenix does not assign foreign instructors to one class but adopts a system in which the instructors rotate throughout the various classes.
Although all instructors follow the same curriculum, each instructor brings a new style, a different accent and a different sense of humor to the classroom.
Children without a variety of teachers will grow dependant on their teacher’s accent, teaching style and vocabulary. Having only one teacher can hinder their development as they become accustomed to their particular style of teaching.
Rotating staff helps children become more adaptable by acquiring the ability to talk to all kinds of people irrespective of their age, accents, and backgrounds. This helps your child to have a truly multicultural experience and lays the foundations for your child becoming a competent and global citizens.

Delicious food that nurtures the mind and body

Well Balanced, Delicious Meals Overseen by Nutritionists

We provide safe, secure, well balanced and delicious meals we know kids will love prepared in collaboration with Kamu Kamu Bento. There are many different options available in addition to the ever-increasing number of new menu items every month. All meals have had the calories, protein, fat and salt equivelants calculated by nutritionists and all food allergens are listed.


Principals message

It is my pleasure to welcome students to FENIX International School Hirakata.
FENIX is an inviting, inclusive and vibrant school, offering a quality Bi-lingual learning opportunity in an engaging and stimulating environment.

We provide a Bi-lingual learning environment where children are motivated to have fun, develop their creativity and curiosity to achieve the best possible outcomes in student learning.

We are particularly proud of our curriculum which follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) set out by the Australian Board of Education allowing children to grow emotionally, intellectually and physically in a safe, attractive and caring learning environment.

Our School is organised into two learning communities with a focus on student personalised learning.

· Pre-Kinder – 1 to 2 years old
· Kindergarten – 3 to 6 years old

FENIX International School provides many specialist programs such as Language, Arts, Science, Physical education, Karate etc... that are supported with professional teachers and facilities. Furthermore, the students have access to an exciting array of extra- and intra-curriculum programs that enhance personal and academic achievement within the school.

As your principal I invite you to explore our school’s website to become familiar with the many exciting opportunities we offer.

Adam Jenkins



Free information sessions are held for anyone interested in learning more about the school and facilities, or considering entering the Kinder courses.

These information sessions provide the opportunity for parents to learn more about our Pre-Kinder and Kinder programs and curriculum.

The new school years begins in April, however if there is space available in your desired class, you may enrol at any time.


    At Fenix, we are holding free tral lessons and briefing sessions. Please refer to the briefing information on the website for the current schedule.


    Please fill out and submit the application form and required documents that will be handed out at the briefing session.


    After receiving your application, we will conduct a simple interview (Behavior Observation) and a parent – child interview. (There is no English test)


    For those who have passed the interview and have been accepted to enter the Kindergarten, we will guide you through the admission procedures and orientation.


    2-5 Kamijimacho Hirakata-shi OSAKA 5731127 JAPAN
    6mins walk from KEIHAN MAKINO station
  • TEL
    (Including Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays)
    School bus pick up and drop service available
    (Hirakata, Kuzuha, Yawata, Takatsuki)

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